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Save Our Tax Cap on April 5th

In October 2015, the Anchorage Assembly created a loophole in our Tax Cap. That loophole allows the Muncipality to increase  your property taxes faster.
If this loophole were in place since the budget, the city could be collecting over $142 million more of your money in taxes each year. That's $1,217.10/year MORE in properety taxes for a family in a $300,000 home.
While the state is considering adding new income taxes and/or sales taxes to solve the budget crisis, can we afford a loophole that would have increased property taxes 50% since 2008?
Join us and Vote:
YES on Prop 8 on April 5th -- Save OUR Tax Cap
Mayor Dan Sullivan, Mayor George Wuerch, Mayor Rick Mystrom, Mayor Tom Fink, Bill Starr, Jennifer Johnston, Amy Demboski, Bill Evans, Adam Trombley, Treg Taylor, Terre Gales, Tom McGrath, Bob Griffin, Shirley Nelson, Joe Riggs, Mike Pocaro, Chuck Spinelli, Nicholas Begich III, Dan Coffey, Ed Zerung, Bethany Marcum

The Ballot Language

This proposition would amend section 14.03(a) of the Anchorage Municipal Charter as follows [new language proposed is shown in  bold and underlined; no language in existing section 14.03(a) would be deleted]:
Section 14.03. Tax increase limitation.
(a)        Except as provided in this section, the total amount of municipal tax that can be levied during a fiscal year shall not exceed the total amount approved by the assembly for the preceding year by more than a percentage determined by adding the average percentage increase in the Federal Consumer Price Index for Anchorage from the preceding five fiscal years plus
the average percentage growth or loss in the Anchorage municipal population over the preceding five fiscal years as determined by the state department of community and regional affairs.
(1)        The "total amount of the municipal tax that can be levied during a fiscal year" and the "total amount approved by the assembly for the preceding year" in subsection (a) of this section shall include all payments in-lieu of taxes paid or to be paid by any Municipality of Anchorage utility, department, agency or public corporation or authority.
(2)         The “ total amount approved by the assembly for the preceding year” shall be the total amount of the taxes and payments in-lieu of taxes approved by the assembly for collection in the preceding year.
If approved by the voters at the April 5, 2016 Regular Municipal Election, this amendment to Charter Section 14.03(a) shall take effect immediately upon certification of the election by the Assembly.
Shall Anchorage Municipal Charter Section 14.03(a), imposing a Tax Increase Limitation, be amended to read as proposed above?